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@elbrant Re. rabies in the UK - apparently we have been rabies free since 1922 due in part to strict animal quarantine laws although a small number of wild bats carry a rabies-like virus.

From our government public health website: "Rabies does not circulate in either wild or domestic animals in the UK, although some species of bats can carry a rabies-like virus. Human rabies is extremely rare in the UK. No human cases of rabies acquired in the UK from animals other than bats have been reported since 1902"
I think people whose work involves potential contact with bats would still be vaccinated here but it is not required outside of this sort of specialised work.

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@elbrant Thank you for your responses - it is reassuring to know that I am not neglecting to do anything obvious! I have tried Dermacton which is a natural soothing cream for canine skin but it seemed to worsen things a little and he didn't like me massaging in the cream! I may try bathing him if he will let me and see if that helps or maybe a different anti-itch cream. The Dermacton smells quite strongly, I think pleasantly but he disagrees and would retreat to his crate and growl whenever I opened the cream and he caught the smell 🙂

The rash has been present since before Christmas, maybe mildly since last September but worsened November time. He has had two 2 week or so periods of remission during steroid and apoquel treatment but the scratching may well have become habitual - it's a good thought!

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With regard to the sideline discussion developing on rabies vaccination... although I currently live in the UK which is rabies free and therefore rabies vaccination is not required, I grew up in Kenya and we had a stray dog die of rabies in our own dogs basket on the verandah. It is a horrible, deadly infection and I would not wish it on any animal. Our dog was thankfully safe but his basket and bedding all had to be burned. I will always vaccinate my dogs if they are at risk and I am a medical doctor with a masters in public health so I am well aware of all the vaccination arguments - before someone tries to convince me otherwise.

eeeefarm - I agree with your point that it is useful to check immunity before re-vaccinating.

Returning to the main point of this thread - I have just discovered that the antihistamines that the vet recommended contain lactose and as my dog tested strong positive for milk allergy I will stop those as they may have been exacerbating his symptoms.

My main question remains - does anyone have any experience of successful allergen avoidance and if so, how long did it take for your dog's symptoms to respond?

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Thank you for the replies.

Rocky1 - I live in the UK - we do not have rabies here and there is no requirement for rabies vaccination unless you are taking a dog out of the country or returning from a country with rabies.

elbrant -
The dog has had serology tests for allergies as, according to the vet, the rash is typical of atopic dermatitis and responded well to a course of steroids and then subsequently a course of apoquel.

The serology test results were a strong positive for milk, positives for 2 types of storage mites and a borderline for dust mites.

The dog has always been fed on a dry diet and the vet advised that we discard the old kibble (which was done) and avoid any food with grain as storage mites can be present in any grain or cereal based food and the dog will react to any parts of the mites present in the food, not just live mites. He recommended a grain free wet diet or raw diet. I have only ever bought small bags of food at a time, so no, the bag was not open for a long time. Mammals sensitised to dust mites may also cross-react to storage mites and vice versa.

No, I have not bathed my dog. He is not used to it and I suspect would be quite resistant to bathing although it may be something else to try.

There are no fleas - this has been checked for and the dog is regularly treated.

Both my Basenjis have had new bedding since the older ones diagnosis, blankets are washed on high temp and tumble dried, we have hard floors throughout the downstairs but rugs, curtains and upholstery has been steam cleaned weekly, since the diagnosis. Vacuuming has been done thoroughly, including curtains and upholstery, and is done every couple of days.

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Looking for some advice. Our older Basenji (9) has just been diagnosed with allergies to dust mites, storage mites and milk - shows as itchy, sore rash on belly. Want to try to avoid strong medication as much as possible and have made the necessary dietary changes - avoiding milk and switching to a grain free diet to limit storage mites. Also trying to control dust mites as much as possible but this is more difficult! He has been on the new diet for 2 weeks now and is also on regular antihistamines and added omega 3 and 6 oils for his skin but is still itchy and sore. Just wondering if others have experience of managing this and how quickly I can expect to see any result?

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