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@dagodingo said in Dry, flaky skin:

Oatmeal gentle shampoo,

our basenji leo (14 months neutered male, 25 lb) has body odor if we do not bath him once a month. is there remedy for it? he rarely smells fresh . he only plays in our backyard

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Our basenji leo just turned 14 months old and 25 pounds, we got him when he was 3 months old and thus far he did not had hair fall or dander or dry skin. he was neutered in november. All of this started since early december with winter on USA east coast. we bath him once a month otherwise his body odor turns bad. He gets regular exercise and IAM's healthy puppy food. We have not tried body oil/lotion or fish oil tablets food yet so looking for suggessions to get relief from his dry skin and hair fall.

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My 11 month basenji is also a good boy - not too aggressive , does not mark or pee in the house. We live in typical suburb neighborhood so dog is always on leash when he is outside . Only in dog park or boarding facility he is not on leash. We do not plan to breed or show . Ideally i do not want him neutered unless keeping him intact will create health problem later /when he is older Or if older age neutering is harder?.
I need to board him sometimes when we are out of town and many places want neutered dog or else they will keep him in kennel / not let him play with other dogs which feels cruel.
Also I do not know what other dog owners will think or say when i take him to dog park unneutered as recently i noticed he chases and smells female dogs.

So that's my main concern but i am tempted not to put him under knief for this reason. If there is good reason to neuter (such as health reason) then only i will neuter him and hence i am seeking opinions.

Finally , is 11 month too early or too late for neutering? what's the right age ?

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Re: Spay Early or Spay Later

I have 11 month old male named Leo. He is 25lb and 16inch tall. And my vet says it should be neutered. So I am researching pros and cons. Mostly confusing and conflicting opinions. Instead of neutering is there an option of vasectomy? Does this eliminate all cons of neutering?
How long should we wait for Leo?

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