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@zande I have been using a dremel and trim his nails weekly, we also walk him on sidewalks daily, it’s a slow process, but we’re getting there with getting them back to normal. I didn’t want to use a clipper for exactly that reason, didn’t want to split or crush the nails. Like I said previously the pics are from May/June when we 1st got him.

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@redial Those pics are of right after we got him, his nails were long, we’ve since trimmed them, however the quick in his nails is abnormally long, the vet even noticed this and warned us about it, so we trim them as much as possible, but it still leaves him with pretty long nails.

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Hello everyone. My wife and I adopted this awesome dog back in May from the shelter we volunteer at. Sunny had a pretty rough start, he's from Florida, was found by his previous owner who couldn't keep him, he ended up at our shelter in upstate NY. He came in with heart worm and an amazing donor covered his entire treatment at Cornell University!

My wife and I met him when we signed up to take a shelter dog to an event at a local brewery, we took him to the brewery then a week later took him home. He's awesome. Anyway, the person who turned him in apparently said that a vet she'd brought him to a while back thought he was most likely a Basenji mix. I see some traits, however if he is Basenji what ever he's mixed with has dulled some of the typical characteristics of a Basenji. He's 35lbs, a bit large for a B. He barks, but he also howls and makes a ton of random noises (loves to howl with fire truck sirens, going up an octave each howl, it's hilarious).

Anyway, here are some pictures of Sunny. Any feedback would be appreciated. I did finally order a DNA test. I don't really care what he is, I just constantly get asked about his breed and I would actually like to be able to answer the question.

I guess this is also your chance to guess and actually find out the real answer in a few weeks!

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