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MacPack - Was it around 10-11 a.m? We were out there then 🙂 We live very close by and I love taking her out to Bayshore to run her around. We usually try to go in the evenings after work so she can run out all that puppy energy 🙂

I'm so bummed we didn't make it today! We woke up to a downpour over here that didn't end until almost noon. We had planned on going, though! We took her to the Davis Island dog beach and she had a good time! If the weather is nice, we'll be at West Dog Park next Sunday! I'm so excited to introduce her to other basenjis!

Sharronhurlbut - a few other people have mentioned bull terrier as well, because of the nose. I can definitely see it but wondering if she'd be bigger since they get around 40-50 pounds? We're almost tempted to do a doggie DNA test to find out 🙂

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To those of you who asked, here are a few pics of Penny on my blog. She definitely favors the basenji side. We almost thought she might be full breed but her body is a little longer and her nose is slightly different than a true basenji. She's 10 lbs now at almost 7 months. Any guesses what she could be mixed with?? She's our little mystery mix for now 🙂

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Hi Pennydog, I am in Tampa and we have a regular Sunday morning Basenji meet up at West Park, off Hillsborough Ave and Hesperdes. People get there between 10 and 11 and depending on the weather, will be there till 3-ish. Last Sunday we had 15 basenjis and a couple of b-mixes, all dogs are welcome!

Not a formal club, just folks with basenjis who like to visit and let the dogs play. We had a Thursday meet-up with Kaiah, who is 9 months old (and on Forum) and my 3 at Davis Island park and all had a great time. Lots of basenji activity here in Tampa.

So welcome to you and Penny Lane, on Forum and at the parks!

Thanks so much!! We'd love to come out and join you all. She gets along great with other dogs but we have yet to introduce her to any basenjis. We'll try to make it out this Sunday!

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Hello! We're new to the basenji forums and wanted to say hi. We recently adopted a 6 month old basenji mix and her name is Penny Lane. As owners of a previous basenji mix (a basenji/pitt bull mix who unfortunately passed of cancer last June), we fell in love with the breed and were so excited when we found that there was a basenji mix at our local Humane Society! We aren't sure what she's mixed with. She looks almost pure breed with the exception of her longer body and slightly different nose (which leads most people to think she may be half dachshund). She's 6 months and weighs around 10 lbs now. Since we're not sure of her mix, we're not sure how big she will get. She is a very sweet girl and we are absolutely smitten by her! Penny gets along very well with other dogs and we'd love to possibly meet up with some more basenjis for some play dates in the Tampa area! 🙂

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