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No I won't replayce my B! She's very loved!!!
I have been talking with both Tuija and Bettan so thats ok. I just want an new B, and wanted to have som help. I have got good respons and I'm happy. Now I know what I want!
I'm getting B number 2 when I can afford one!! And I realy want an B with "Bulldobas- blood"!! My B is very like Echo and that's how I want an B to look like!!

Thanks for the answer!

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How can you not like this? (Liina :))

Wow!! It could have been my puppy on the picture!!!

She's so alike!!


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No I havn't contacted any one. I want to have the "best"! 😉 I could look for a wile before I make any decisions.. I'm going to the big show in stockholm (sweden) in dec and look there. But I really like the Bulldobas dogs! Echo, the male of my "puppy", is an big favorite! And I fell really in love with the Karimba kennel! even if I just have seen them om my computer! I really liked "Abbe" and "Molly" a lot!

Ofcourse I have see many nice dogs this summer when we have showed our girl, but I think it's important to like, and think alike, as the beeder. And I have fellt alittle bit "out side" of the others on the shows.. Mabye it's becouse I'm new…

With Love!

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O, yes! Ofcourse it's just bad luck! With her teeths.. She is perfekt in all other ways! But I want to show! And she is not a dog to exhibit…
And it would be nice with an friend to here!

Thanks again, for all help!

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Thanks everyone!

I have been looking att both Kingwanas and Bulldobas, and I like what I see! Karimba is new for me, and I think I'm in love!!!
What wonderful dogs!!

Thanks again!!

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They are Bulldobas Echo of Kenya and Suntribe's Mara Jade Skywalker.
I'm very pleased for my puppy, but her bite isn't korrekt. And I want to show! So I "need" an new puppy. And I want a friend for my Basenji. I have more dogs, but they are Jack Russels…


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Thanks! I realy like to here were from theres dogs are!
The male for my "puppy" is from Finland. And I realy love her, at all levels! Her temperament is exellent!!

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As some of you know, my Basenji puppy has not lived up to my expectations.

So now I am looking for tips on what to think about when I'm looking on parents to a new puppy?

Is it right to breed on someone who has Falconi, or should I avoid combinations where one parent is a carrier of this?

How are it with the eyes? Should I avoid parents that have been remark on them?

What would it cost to import a Basenji, examples from the U.S.?

I could win something on it, or are the dogs just as good here in Sweden, or

Please help me!
It's not that I'm bad with the dog, just new on Basenji!


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Let me tell you this sad fact of puppy information and which part provides the good stuff. It commonly is attributed that the 'good stuff' is from the father and if there are any flaws it is the dam. That is completely untrue - they both contribute material and how that genetic material is connected within each individual puppy is a result (good or bad) of both of them.

There have been stellar males who have never produced as good as they were and non-descript bitches who produced wonderfully no mater what they were bred too - and every combination in between.

But I know what I see!!!!
Yes it can be so, but if my dog is very look a like her father I think that the "good stuff" comes from the father! I didn't meen that the mother was bad!
I belive that she can do very good with another male, that is more look a like! But I like the type of my dogs father more than the type if her mother…

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I think you should ask breeder if other relatives (puppies from same litter, from other litters… ancestors etc.) have problems with bite, teeth etc. If they do, I think it's better to take new puppy from other breeder, different dogs.
Also, about father - why do you like him so much? Have you seen his offsprings from other litter(s)? Are they good? Is he realy so good (his look, temperament, health) that you want show quality puppy exactly from him? 😉

And your girl - I am sure that you will find something to enjoy with her, lure coursing, agility... Who knows, maybe that will be more funny and interesting than shows. 😃

Good luck with your girl and good luck with finding another one. 😉 🙂

O yes! I think it will be from another beeder the next time…
And about the father, so no I haven't seen so many puppys from him because he has only two litters after him yet... But I have been told that the "good stuff" my "puppy" have is mostly from the father and I like the type he has...
There will not be any puppy for some years. We have 4 dogs now that all want there time...

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