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Thank you for your input. We have always added a teaspoon of plain yogurt to his dry food in the a.m. Do you think maybe this should be increased to twice a day with his p.m meal as well and maybe increase it to 1 1/2 teaspoons each a.m and p.m. I make his wet food myself always have , which I add to his p.m. dry food every evening. it is about 2 lg. table spoons of wet to4 to 5 oz. of dry food.Where can I find this soap?and for his doggie treats which he only get before bed in the evening are frozen chicken PC weiner slices very thin slices he get around three or four slices.And is it normal that there have been occations where he will refuse to go outside to pee or poop for almost 24hrs. usually if it is really cold out side or raining and cold.My boy is afraid of the darkoutside too. But if there is a noise he's on it. My Silly Boy . He has chased 3 racoons up a tree and caught his first squirrel in Feb of this year .OOOOOOHHH whata mess that was.I am wondering when we will get to experience SKUNK. anyways stay tuned.

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I was just going to comment on the fact that I have had our B for four years now and yes once a year he does a major shedding of his winter coat ( over here in B.C Canada it gets quite cold and damp) But this is the first year that Our Besenji has lost his under coat as well and like you said it is bristley and there on his chest the spots on his skin are visible for the first time as well as on the sides of his neck. This concerns me . as well as he tends to favor the area around his genitals and has licked it raw and its very red. I have also noticed that there is no hair there at all.The vet doesn't seem to be very concerned. I do make his dog food but am wonering if there is something more that he needs or is he getting to much of one thing.His coat used to be beautiful with an awesome shean to it and very slick and smooth but now there is no shine at all and his coat is rough and dull , very bristly . can anyone help me with this ? Please. I am very concerned.

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