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@kembe hehehe i also reacted on a fluffy pillow. LiKe - wow such a cute pillow - hopefully it will not be destroyed in some weeks 🥰. Our basenji when sees smth fluffy - gets crazy and destroys it in a second. We dont buy any longer fluffy beds cos they all went to a garbage can. 😫😫😫😫😫

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Hello hello we are going through the same phase but already see a progress. Our puppy is almost 13 weeks old. Here are the tips what helped us:

1.routines - if it is not teething, then u have a superexcited or tired puppy - learn to read your puppy. 🙂 Basically help him to fall asleep and let him calm down. Our puppy can get too tired in the evening and starts biting a lot. It is a sign for us that he needs to sleep. Then we put him to his crate.
2.leash - our puppy had almost always a leash for some time to stop him. We called it time out. Stars crazy leg biting - time out.
3.set play time - after each walk - we actively play with him. Let him remember these preciousmoments of spending time with u. Take a toy and make it kinda alive by your voice. U dont need to do a crazy running. Throwing a toy is just fine. But the game should be interesting for him. Better to play 2 min actively before he changes his focus. Rule is it is you who should end the game not him. During the game we kinda touch him all the time. Then we go away and dont interact with him for 10 min. He usually plays with his toys after. The best moments to play is when u come home or after being out with him. Then he will remember - positive emotions and when in the future u ignore him - it is easier for him to understand that he did smth wrong.
4.our puppy learned the command sit very well. When he starts biting to refocus him - we say sit - praise. Or refocus by a toy.
5.chewing sticks - after food we have a special ritual when our puppy sits on our knees and chews his sticks. We noticed that even now after food and play - he takes his chewing stick himself and go to his crate.
5.kartong pape boxes 📦 - we have them On the floor all the time. You can put goodies in them, close them and let your puppy destroy them. So much fun and hours of playing. Our puppy forgot our furniture.
6.some biting is okey - when he bites softly Or when he socializes with us.
7.dont be afraid to show a bit of power - not physical power but a right amount of angriness if he does bite u hard. We usually say very harshly no, deep tone of the voice and we can nicely move his mouth by a hand - nicely no physical power. We dont allow any leg or clothes biting. Its very dangerous cos what if we step on him - so no no no. Our puppy learned to drag our attention by biting our legs. So we are in the process of killing this habit. :)))
8.your reaction to say know no - it should be very quick. Otherwise he will not understand that he did smth wrong.
9.lots of patience and love - your puppy is a normal basenji puppy - nothing wrong with him. Basenji puppies bite a bit more than other breeds.

What didnt work for us:

1.constant saying no - like ajajajajajajaj and with very funny voice or nononono - it triggers him to bite you more
2.running away from him
3.overplaying with him
4.ignorance - sometimes works sometimes doesnt.

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