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I had one live to be 17-1/2 and another to 14-1/2.

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There's another movie that's a 3 part series made in India in the 50s called the Apu Trilogy. The first part has a Basenji in it. I have the movie and my friend Susan has as her name Apu Basenjis.

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Welcome to the forum! Maybe we'll see you at Fort Funston some time.

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The bile is an indicator of an empty stomach. I would go with a better quality food than Purina. Get a food that has no meat by products, corn, wheat or soy. There's a number of high quality foods out there. Does he get any wet food? Try a little yogurt. Mixing a table spoon of canned pumpkin with wet food will firm up the stool. How's his coat? Does he have any doggy odors? How about the condition of his teeth? Dirty or clean?

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