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I no longer have a basenji and would like to close my account also for this forum, but cant find anywhere on setting to delete. Can admin please outline how I can delete my account from this forum. Thanks in advance.

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Hi All, Nice to meet you all, this is so exciting that there is a forum just for Basenji's. They are so amazing and so 'human like'!! I came across this forum as I wanted some info on how basenjis are with a new baby as we are due for our 1st child next year. We have a 6 year old Basenji called Ralph who has been our 'baby' for the last 6 years and I love him so much. He is so cuddly and runs 4-5km off lead with me everyday in a big park in Melbourne.

I found this forum as I am unsure of how Ralph is going to go with a new born. He is great with toddlers and children of our friends, but is very protective of me and my husband if we pick up their child etc. Not in an agressive way just sits on top of you or paws the leg etc. My in laws own a big farm and he has been up there a few times, chasing rabbits and kangaroos, but 4 years ago he did kill a lamb, which we were all concerned about, my father in law scolded him and since then we have had no issues with attacking etc. at the farm. So just concerned that if he has done the killing thing that he is capable of it. He is not an agressive dog, just loves the attention of touching you in some way (he fell asleep with his head on my lap while I was driving home the other day!!).

This is an awesome forum and I can't believe I found it and if anyone has any feedback ( i read a couple of threads on what to do when you get home with the newborn) on how to go about introducing a new baby that would be great or if there are any other Aussie Basenjis on the forum!!
I will upload pictures of Mr Ralph tomorrow when I get my camera from work.
Have a great day!
Monica 🙂

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