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LOL my bad, I never looked at when it was originally posted. I just clicked on "new posts" and assumed they would be active threads - now that I look at it, I realize that the SPAM message was what made it current! I"ll have to pay more attention!

glad to hear he's coming along well.

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Lots of Basenjis - and others - live quite happily as single dogs. Some even prefer to have all the human attention to themselves <g>Going to classes and dog parks will be great chances to interact with other dogs.

Some dogs do experience separation anxiety and do better with another dog in the house. It seems to me that this is an issue that is seen more often in rescues. (there are also certain breeds that are more prone to it). Based on what I've read: Some people set themselves up for separation anxiety by taking a week or more off work when they bring a new dog home. So the dog gets used to a new environment where it's new human is around 24 hours a day, and then all of a sudden they start disappearing for long periods and the dog is suddenly all alone… It's much easier on a dog if then routine you establish when you first bring him/her home is your normal routine.
Of course, with 5 students, chances are there's going to be somebody around most of the time, anyway.</g>

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I agree with Pat - sounds like a great vet.
:: positive thoughts headed your way::

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I wouldn't show him until he is more relaxed - you don't want him to be so overwhelmed that it becomes a negative experience and makes him dislike showing. I would focus on making handling class fun - don't even worry about whether he stacks properly or anything like that, just make it fun. Bring a small squeaky or something to try to get him to play. Find lots of reasons to reward him - like maybe just every time he looks at/focuses on you. You mentioned your first show dog - if you have another dog that your pup trusts and somebody to take THAT dog to handling class, it might help your pup to settle into the new environment.

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