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Thanks so much senjisilly and Little Monkey, I figured it's some sort of petit mal or focal seizure, I had a Bichon that had grand mal and they are so horrible. He is additionally a tripod, and he is having some back leg issues, age is tough. I live in California so I am going to try some CBD oil and hopefully that will help.

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My dog is a Basenji mix and is about 12, he has started to have this chattering teeth thing when he wakes up in the morning - has anyone else experienced this. I am imagining that it is some sort of neurological issue due to his age. Vet appt. this week, but wanted to see if this was a Basenji thing. Thanks!

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My sweetheart Dale, his ears flop over like Chili's - he is a rescue too so we think he may be part fox terrier, though he is so Basenji like, not hyper like a Terrier would be. He is missing a back leg due to an injury he arrived with at the shelter, but that does not stop him at all. We just say he's misplaced a sock. I've had him almost 3 yrs now and his ears are still down. Here's a pix with his sister Pippi - she's a lhasa rescue - and missing an eye.

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