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I appreciate each of your posts and wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate each of them.


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I was working on our website and doing a search and just happened on this very nice note and compliment! You really did make my night! 🙂 Give Kongo a kiss for Joseph and me and tell Scott hello. Thank you again, Karen!


If you are looking to add a Basenji or a Whippet to your home I highly recommend Tad Brooks from Meisterhaus breeders in KY.

I live in Baltimore, MD and I researched breeders up and down the east coast and mid west. I wanted a tri and I wanted to know that he came from a loving environment and a healthy bloodline. Tad has been raising basenjis since he was 11 years old. He is knowledgeable and caring.

Tad has been an amazing addition to our family circuit. He answered all of my questions before I made my decision on a breeder. His application was detailed and asked a lot of really great questions. It was obvious he cares about where his puppies land.

When Kongo was 11 weeks old my boyfriend flew to KY to pick him up. Tad met him at the airport and sent Kongo off with a blanket and toy from his puppy home. We could not be happier parents. Kongo has such a great personality. I was prepared for a dog that would take a lot of stressful training and tough love. He has been so easy compared to some of the stories I hear. I know a lot of that has to do with his first 11 weeks.

Tad has remained very involved in Kongo's life. I do not know how he manages it with constant shows and batches of puppies but he is always there when we need him. No question is to small or silly.

I said I only wanted one dog but now that Kongo is so wonderful I know that somewhere down the line I will have more. I will be getting them from Meisterhaus and no where else.

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