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@kembe said in Rescuing a stray basenji:

In what state are you located?
You are a kind and compassionate person (as most dog lovers are). Thank you for saving this little guy's life!

Thank you. I do love dogs and all animals and can't stand to see them suffer. I am in Texas. I just wrote Joanne to see if she can help me out with this little guy. Thank you so much!

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@giza1 said in Rescuing a stray basenji:

I am one of the Basenji mix coordinators for Basenji Rescue And Transport. Contact me at and I can let you know what BRAT can do do to help you out.

Thank you Joanne! I will contact you. I appreciate the help.

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Thank you so much for your help! Your response was exactly the type of information I needed. I appreciate it very very much. It is 3 am and I am up because little man is bored. Definitely quirky but adorable at the same time. Thank you!

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I added pictures. Sorry they are so large. I am new to this forum and just figuring things out. I am sure he is a mix of some sort. As I said, a basenji owner thought he was one. Here are some traits that I found unique:

  1. Does not bark - but vocal. Can bark (heard him once or twice) but mostly "talks."
  2. Very independent - decides whether he is listening to you or not
  3. Loves to be on the highest thing in the room (my bed) and will sneak on there if I leave to go to the bathroom and run off as soon as I come out 🙂
  4. Amazing, amazing sense of smell
  5. Stubborn, even when you are trying to help him 🙂
  6. Independent
  7. Escape artist
  8. Incredibly smart

I am an American Bulldog mom so I am used to a dominant dog that must be handled differently than others. But, this little guy (22 pounds) is a quirky little man. Part of that is that he was stray for so long (and is not sure he wants to be inside OR eat dog food - he would much prefer roaming and eating a variety of foods, ie, roadkill). But, he does love an open crate with a warm dog bed and food and water available. 🙂 His personality is the main reason I think he fits in this category. I need to give him more time to settle in to know him better but he is different than any dog I have ever had and I have had lots of dogs. Quirky, but cute, is the best I can describe him.

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There was no microchip. On our local pet boards, people had tried to catch him for months. He was very scared of humans. I am trying to figure out how to upload a picture. It was a basenji owner who thought he was one. The personality is spot on from what I have read. I have posted him locally all over the lost pet boards

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Hello! I found a stray basenji that was on its own for months. No one could catch him. My son helped me get him. He was flea infested and smelled like putrid garbage when we got him 2 days ago. We brought him to the vet and got his rabies shot. And bathed him! I am trying to get him on dog food (rather than garbage that he has been scrounging for). We got rid of the fleas. The vet says he is between 1 and 2 years old and otherwise healthy. Here is where I need help. I have four dogs so I cannot keep him. I have learned in the past 48 hours that these dogs are unique in personality from other breeds. Can you help me understand the best type of owner/home situation for this little guy? We call him Tex because he loves country music. Help me understand this breed so I can make good decisions for him. I do not want him put on the street again (although that seems to be all he knows). He seems to have many of the breed traits I have read about.1_1550187549440_2-20190211_093927_001 (2).jpg 0_1550187549438_1-20190211_093931 (2).jpg

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