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I feel that I am saying that 17th years ago.. my basenji Casanova was an expert Escaping! And I had same situation... they are so intelligent and they will figure out how to scape no matter you do! I had to live with that! ...I so miss my dog... 😞 he passed away almost 2 weeks a go... :,( enjoy him!

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☹ My son is in heaven today

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My little "niño" has 17 years and 4 months! his paws are really bad for arthritis, I feel he is about to leave me, but I block those thoughts, I not even want to think how will be my life without him. ..:( ![alt text](image url)

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My Basenji Cassanova turns 17th Years old .. He is ok but he barely stand up and doesn't do his needs by his own, but it's ok.. I help him with love.. I am so afraid that his time is coming so soon.. I am not ready![alt text](!

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