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Thank you allfor the advise, my daughter is 23years old and she adores hin, she babysit him when I go advise here im doing blood test.
This week some one he never met (so no foul playing there ) a friend of mine came to talk to me as usual , he could not get near me as I am sure he would bite him, he was very agressive. One issue we are considering is that his mother which is also with me was on heat and we seperated them till she is ok to be with him.could this triggered his agression ?

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Hi everyone,
I have two basenjies and the male 3years old decided he dont like my daughter (she was his best friend )any more.
When he see her he intends to darken his back and growl showing his teeth. Last Sunday while at my field and everthing was ok ,he suddenly went next too her and gave her two shap bites on her elbow and palm , some stiches had to be done.
Since then I am afraid to take him outside especially of the leash. What can I do..?any one experienced same situation?

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