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Your question is unwarrantedly, inherently suspicious. I have no contacts because all purchases and adoption were over 10 years ago. The only breeder I've used died some time back. I've had only 3 long-lived basenjis in close to 20 years. I tried BRAT, was treated poorly and disinterestedly (end of discussion). I have followed over 2 dozen leads. Basenjis are not common and are expensive. Please don't waste my time questioning motivations and processes: not my 1st rodeo. Do you or does anyone else have a dog needing a good home or not? I have a good home to give a good dog.

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I lost my 14 year old companion due to a cerebral accident 10/10/16. I have been trying to find a new dog since January 2016. His health was failing, his death was unexpected, his 12-year canine brother and I are hurting. I am retired and can't afford an $850 dog price. I am seeking pet quality and dog will be neutered. Sex and color do not matter. The dog will be loved in a secure home and lack for nothing. I've found a couple dogs that were jerked out from under me.
BRAT and I do not agree on how to best care for and keep safe our basenjis, and I have made countless fruitless contacts. Does anyone have leads or, better yet, a dog? I have raised Basenjis 20 years, so I am Basenji-savvy. Email

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