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Oh wow, thanks for your quick response! Your site was one of the few that I saw, and I really like your breeding philosophy (I may have emailed you a couple months back actually). Do you have any breeding plans for 2022?

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Hi everyone,

I'm interesting in raising a Basenji around 2 years from now. I was wondering when would be the best time to start contacting breeders, and if I should start to do so now given the estrus cycle of Basenjis and the potential long waitlist of reputable breeders.

I will likely be in CA around that time--I would be grateful if you can recommend some responsive breeders in the state. I've checked out the breeder directory on the Basenji Club of America site, but it seems like some breeders haven't updated their sites for a while, so I'm a bit unsure if they're still breeding.


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