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If you do more research you will find the basenji is one of the most difficult breeds to train regarding being off leash. Site hounds no matter how well trained it simply isn't worth it. one of my basenjis was quite well trained but I never took that chance period instead I made a 25-ft leash and always had it on him. If it I went out to the yard which we had a very long driveway he had the leash on him but I wasn't holding it so he would follow me around the yard sniff around but at least he had that leash on him and was able to easier grab him if I needed to. Same on the trail .
I would never want my basenji out of my sight not for one minute. Not any of my dogs. It simply is not worth it for them to come across a coyote or a fox or anything else that could harm them. Now our 130 lb great dane? That's a different story ...if he wants to walk off the leash on a trail that's fine.... And even him I don't want him out of our sight. For the safety of a basenji I would not let off leash. My Maltese, both of them stay right by my side like a little shadow. Never ever wander. But that's how they are.

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