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@debradownsouth your post rings true and though I hate that this has to be the solution- unfortunately if I lock her in any sort of room she instantly scratches frantically at the carpet, ripping it from the tacks in 5-10 minutes. I’d love to give her free roam of my place- as I did my last place- but she’s not comfortable enough yet and will destroy the carpet and maybe the couch as well.
She is odd in the way she acts. She has plenty ability to get away from the kids and loud noises but does not move away from them. She will just give a short protest growl as they walk by.
Giving her treats in the crate doesn’t work. She’s still to frantic to even think about them while in there. She goes nicely into the crate and doesn’t have to be forced, but has now taken a step backwards since she got out the one time.
We go to the dog park frenquently and she gets long walks everyday as we live in a town that’s easily walk-able. I even have the 6 year old wall her.
The Prozac, thus far, has helped her to not be so frantic during the day when the kids are under toe.
Basenjis are hard (as we all know) and this is not my first by far.

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Thanks for your quick replies. I guess I just wanted to know I wasn’t alone and also see if anyone had any additional ideas. We’re going to get her on about 20mg of Prozac this next week (we were using what we had from the cat) and o try really hard to make the kids positive reinforcement (my background is in animal behavior).
I just hate seeing her so frantic in the crate. Next week my boyfriend starts work again so she’ll have to be in the crate for a full work day and I feel bad she’s so upset. It was just as someone else posted- she was a lot better and now that she got out of the crate and scratched the carpet she’s frantic again. I hate going backwards. Ug.
(Hemp oil is a new idea I might have to try... thanks!)

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So... about a month ago we (my basenji and two cats) moved in with my boyfriend and his 2 kids (5 and 6... have parttime). Pepsi is 3 and is not handling this transition well. She growls at the kids if they run by her or if we’re on the couch and they get too close to me. We’ve curbed this by having them give her treats and commands. She is also Locke doff the couch if she growls (and will now remove herself).
That aside- she is having to be crated when we leave for fear of destroying the house. She was only created briefly before this. She loses her mind. Has chewed and scratched the plastic crate, will shred any blanket left in there. Won’t take a treat and pants a pool of slobber.
Today she somehow got out and then scratched at the closed door and destroyed the carpet.
She’s been on a super low dose of Prozac (10mg) and we’ve now got an appointment to get her more.
Does anyone have any other suggestions? I want to cry. !

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