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I’ve read through a lot of the post in this forum & have found it so much more comforting than most random google searches.
Sadiki my 15yr old B was diagnosed w/ bladder cancer last March & was given 3-6 months to live. I knew that was not happening...he’s way to feisty & his zest for life, runs in the park, his job of being a shop dog, etc. is far stronger than the typical outcome of this disease. So a year has gone by & he’s been managing pretty good w/ a raw diet, fish oils, CBD, a compounded piroxicam medicine & blood work every 3 months to monitor his kidney levels! Things have been good until this week. Late Wednesday night he seemed a little antsy, his sleep schedule had been off & it had been raining for 5 straight days (so no long walks for my boy) the rain stopped, we went for a short walk & right as we were almost home he fell & started seizing... it was so scary, he’s never had one & it seemed so violent. Rushed him to emergency vet, seizure meds that night & fluids at reg vet next 2 days. Since then, disoriented, walks in circles, into walls & def needs help going to the bathroom. But when he’s trying to rest he’s having strong tremors, lots of shaking & it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Waiting on blood work to see if this is mostly likely related to kidneys or possible brain tumor. He’s been a super healthy dog up until this last year & I want to give him the best shot at recovery & prolonging the life I know he loves & we love having him big a HUGE part of!

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