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My Basenji has the funniest smile. It is an overt smile where she raises her gums, showing her teeth, and it has the goofiest (and cutest) appearence I've ever seen. She only does it when we first arrive home & she's sooooooo happy to see us, or when she has done something wrong and I discover it. She does not smile on command, nor is it easily photographed as she cocks her head downward when doing it. ITS THE FUNNIEST THING I've seen any dog do (& quite affective as Who can stay mad at that!). She also enjoys crawling under the rug, (we see this migrating bump go by) hunting for some underground treasure. My Basenji has alot of personality and odd behavior I've never seen in a dog (& I've had plenty). I was shocked to see that some organization lists Basenjiis as ranking low on intelligence. I emphatically disagree! My dog has a supurb sense when unwanted creatures are outside, and very sensitive-always with her nose to the ground when walking. We call her "Race Puppy" and believe she would beat any dog off-the-line with explosive starting speed. Is this typical?!
jill & carmela

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