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We got him when he was 12 weeks and we have socializes him directly. We’ve done the puppy obedience training and he’s been good with other people up until now.

He comes from a quiet line with no social issues and he’s lovely and sweet.

We were away for two weeks and he stayed with my parents which worked fine but I thought that all the changes had made him insecure at the same time as his hormones are running amok.

We are starting a new course in a few week to get a better control over him as both him and us are learning.

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Our Basenji boy is 9 months and have been a breeze so far. Now suddenly he is petrified by the sound of skateboards, new people, big dogs etc.
He seems like he’s hitting puberty as he is always sniffing the female dogs pee like they are in heat.
We hope it’s something temporary

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Hi My name is Jesper and I’m from Stockholm Sweden.
We just got our little Ruben a 16 week old male. A bundle of joy and energy.


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Thanks he’s super sweet and a lovely boy. He’s been with us one week.


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