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Please help! I will be touching base with a behavioural specialist but I just need helpful advice and some hope in the meantime!

My 10/11 month old basenji, Leroy has been escalating aggressive behaviour towards my 3 year old son.

Now I understand that 3 yo can be difficult to live with if you are a basenji. My son truly wants to shower Leroy with love and is definitely less trainable than the dog because of this desire. He wants to pat him, hug him or just be close to him when Leroy is resting. He has had a cold (growly response) frequently with some mouthing nips but recently this has turned to no growling and severe biting that required intervention to stop.

I have previously managed by sending my son to his room because I have explained MANY times to him that he needs to leave the dog alone when he is resting.

Leroy recently had eye surgery. The first major bite was about a week later when my son decided Leroy needed a hug. Had patted without issue so decided getting into the cone of shame with the dog was a good idea. Bitten on face.

The second time, surgery healed no trouble. My son accidentally fell and bumped the side of the dog bed. Bitten really hard on the upper arm, punctures and bruises. Over very quickly.

Third time tonight, my son just walked past the sleeping dog. Leroy gave no warning just attacked. Latched on to my sons leg and would not stop until my husband intervened.

I am so devastated and really worried that he needs to return to the breeder. Leroy can play with so much joy with both my kids. This is just heart breaking. 😢

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