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Thanks for all your help! As I mentioned previously, it was the trainer that
said there may be some basenji in this dog. We had never heard of basenjis,
so it's been interesting to learn more about them, whether or not she has any in her. Thanks again for your input!

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Here is a picture of her face. Thanks for all your help identifying this part
rat terrier part ? dog!
(You can click on the photo for enlargement.)


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I have never tried to post photos to a forum before. Here is one, I'm not
sure where the others went.

The pound said she's part rat terrier, part chihuahua.
The trainer says she's part rat terrier, part basenji.
What do you all think? I would appreciate your opinions.
I realize the photo is small and it may be hard to tell. She has really big ears, white feet, a white chest and, at times, depending on her expression, a slightly wrinkled face. She does not have a white tipped tail. She has a pointed snout with a slightly squared jaw. She has long, slender legs. She is about 21 lbs. She does bark. She loves to run and is very fast. She loves to chase squirrels and birds, play with toys, and has lots of energy. Despite her energy, she is not hyper and is a calm dog.
She is very intelligent and easy to train with treats. She has a regal or
dignified air about her. She is, at times, dainty and ladylike and at other times, tough and strong. She doesn't shed much, her hair is very short, and
she gets cold easy. The hair on her underside is thin and she has some spots
on her belly. She has a problem with submissive peeing and we suspect that
she was mistreated by her previous owner.


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Two months ago, we adopted a dog from our local animal control
facility. She was identified as part rat terrier and part chihuahua.
The rat terrier part I think we can see, but she is nothing like a
chihuahua in appearance or personality.

We have been trying to find her a friend, searching for other part
rat terriers and chihuahuas, but have not yet found a good match as
all of these dogs seem too small and not similar in personality. We
were discussing this with our dog trainer and she said that she thought
the problem was that we were looking for the wrong breed, that what
she thought we have is basenji mixed with rat terrier.

We had never heard of basenjis, but after reading up on them and looking
at photos I am convinced the trainer is right. We are now thinking that we
need to look for another basenji mix, but I have some concerns.

The dog we have is very sweet, gets along with the cat, loves to play with other dogs, likes children once she gets to know them and has been fairly easy to train using treats as rewards. She also loves to chase squirrels and birds and has lots of energy.

I have the impression from what I have read that basenjis generally do not do well with cats, children or other dogs and can be very difficult to train.
Do you all find this to be true with your basenjis? Also, does anyone have
a mix and, if so, mixed with what?


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Hello everyone! We just recently adopted a dog that I think is
part basenji. I found this forum and have some questions that I'll be
posting in other sections. I just stopped in here to say "hello"!.

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