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OK, time for an update. So far so good- tomorrow will be week 3 since the diagnosis. He's now taking fish oil, curcumin (turmeric), and 2 herbal supplements- ashwaganda, and immunikinoko. His lymph nodes under the chin have stayed shrunken since just after we started prednisone. Behavior is normal- he's a mooch pooch/chowhound, so giving all these pills is like a bonanza for him. Plus I work at a fine dining steakhouse, so there's always some top-notch prime beef or other proteins for treats.

Upon learning the diagnosis, I fell hard into a pit of despair. At this writing it feels like my rational mind, emotions, and subconscious are beginning to firm up to face the future. Everything I read and heard said it'd be about a month without treatment, so I'm content with the treatment regimen we're following. Chemo would have been too traumatic for him and for my finances. I've rationalized that in the end, the money I don't spend on his chemo should go into the eventual search for our next buddy. although that's a difficult thought in the present moment.

So, in all we're doing well, holding steady, day by day. Thank you all for your input and kind words/thoughts. Going forward I'll lean on folks, surely, to carry the weight.

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Today is a week out from the diagnosis. Petting him now always involves checking his chin and neck. At this writing he's fine, the main problem is me.

One of the worst things about being human is being self-aware, knowing that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. (Well, the second point is arguable.) Our pets don't comprehend the finite nature of life, so that's a blessing on them. The joys of a pet's life with you are tempered by the circumstances of the end of it.

I'm the type of guy that cries when I see/hear beauty, or some certain types of pain. (Physically I have a high threshold.)

We must steel ourselves for the inevitable, as dog or cat owners. They're not parrots, you don't have to write them into your will when you die. One must plan for the endgame.

Here's mine. Prednisone for as long as it's useful, as long as he's not suffering. Gonna get the wood and do my own carpentry. Then plot out his favorite spot out back. A day of feasting, then a good dose of gabapentin before bed. Another when we wake, a heavier dose. Whatever it takes to alleviate any pain or stress of the final injection, the final IV. If anyone here has any good suggestions, beyond this, please post. Then, a good rock for me to crawl under.

As I mentioned before, this will be the hardest for me and D'ogee's mama. I'll take one, maybe two days off of work.

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ee- wow! I've read nothing related to prednisone that would indicate it would help that much. Still on the front end of researching this.

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Well. starting day 3 on prednisone, for now his lymph nodes under his chin have receded to being barely noticeable. I just wonder how much extra time this is going to buy us. Definitely positive, hopefully for as long as possible we'll stave off the cancer. If anyone here has experience going this route, holler.

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Thanks again to all here who've spoken up. Currently waiting on a call from the vet to discuss cost options, chemo vs. no chemo. At this writing he's acting completely normal.

Those of you who've gone the chemo route, a few questions: Procedures? Costs? Cost/Benefit ratios? I don't have a lot of money, and tax time will be upon us soon. This is getting tricky.

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Just got done reading an article Jackie K. from BRAT sent me, a nicely detailed article from Whole Dog Journal. If I can swing it financially, I'd love to do chemo, but that's probably cost prohibitive. If anyone can inform me as to their experience having done chemo for a Basenji, holler. He's about 30.3#, strong as an ox today, nothing appears wrong**, but I can see the nodes under his chin. Can't put his collar on anymore. Vet suspects stage 3, maybe 4 at this time. Craptastic.

Thank you all here for your input, it's greatly appreciated.


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Hello all, I'm new here. I've owned one dog for 17.5 years, my current one is approximately 10ish years old. Just learned yesterday that he has lymphoma. Waiting on the oncology test results. What are my best options? Chemotherapy? Palliatives? Obviously euthanasia down the line.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. The worst part now is simply dealing with my emotions.

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