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Thank you for the comment! It may be more than one woof and it sounds deep. It’s not many though. He’ll stand at full attention at a passerby, maybe one to three barks (not usually though, usually just tracks them intently) and may wimper or chortle a bit. He does make other sounds but not distinctive enough for me to identify as basenji yodels.
Perhaps we’ll do a DNA test. I’ve learned so much about this interesting breed in just the last month. If he is indeed part basenji we’re in for a treat AND a run for our money. We’re up for the challenge though and and looking forward to it.

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Hello! I’ve posted a few pics of our new family member, Hugo. He’s a year old and we took him home from a rescue shelter. His paperwork has him as Shepard mix. A friend said he might be part basenji and other than a deep bark when he’s feeling unsettled, he seems to fit some characteristics. I don’t have the greatest photo of his curly tail and it’s not curled as tightly as I see In most basenji photos. The best one I have for now is the shadow pic.
Whatever he is we love him! My favorite note here is that my 8 year old Egyptian mythology buff and I noticed that Hugo looks like Anubis (before we knew anything about the breed). Sure enough I read that it’s thought that the basenji does indeed have the likeness of this ancient Egyptian deity. So cool.




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