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Hey there everyone! I have been actively searching for a little demon to welcome into our family, previously been owned by 4 senji's, but has been about 10 years since last passed over the rainbow bridge ... have contacted breeders, registered w/Brat (over 2 years now!) I keep an eye on it regularly, however, most are just too far away for me to travel to, I'm in NC, and willing to drive 8-9 hours away if necessary.
I am open to many possibilities, including a juvenile, young adult or a puppy ( which I know are seasonal with a few exceptions, such as Leo Rios ). I am not at all particular about sex or color, having had both sexes, R/W (2) Tri (1) Brindle (1).
I have been actively preparing for a new addition, crate, toys, kong, leads, nail clippers, dental supplies, sisal mitt, interviewed local vets for B knowledge, 'Senji proofed home, ( well, as much as one can, we all know they can ALWAYS find some mischief to get up to given the chance!)
I am hoping that maybe someone here can offer some advice, assistance, contacts, that will further my search efforts.
My 1st basenji was 5 when I got him, retired from showing, that was nearly 30 years ago now, all of them came from a dear friend and breeder who is no longer keeping a kennel, and has not for several years now.
I hope I don't miss any messages, I'm relatively new to this forum and DEFINITELY have navigation challenges, but get notifications of new stuff almost daily, so I should be covered!
Thanx in advance for all the help and support!

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