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So terribly sorry for your loss. When I lost my previous dog - my 1st dog- it was brutal on me & my family. There is no real way to lessen the pain except to talk to other dog owners who have had the same experience. They understand.

It is said that dogs give us some of the most wonderful days of our lives and one of the worst. My condolences.

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I know the pain you’re going through. Every dog owner does. Putting my Riley down after 15 years was brutal.
They say dogs gives us many of the BEST days of our lives and one of the WORST. My sincere condolences.

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Looks a lot like my Jack. I haven’t done a DNA test because I don’t think it makes any difference. Jack is a rescue and I was told they suspected he was a Rat Terrier mix. My vet, too, says he sees some Basenji in him. He does bark but only when he feels threatened He gets my attention by making weird noises. He also grooms himself like a cat! He is very agile!!

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@marty YES!!!! Mine does that too. Can’t imagine what makes it appealing to him!

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@debradownsouth This looks exactly like what Jack does!

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Thank you all! This is the first time I’ve joined a forum. Had they been in existence 35 years ago, pregnancy, childbirth and raising my kids would have been much less stressful!!
Now I can go to sleep, not keeping an eye on Jack bc I’m afraid he’ll suffocate! Again, thanks for all your advice.

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My 2 yr old Rat Terrier - Basenji mix sleeps with his head buried between pillows and I’m afraid he’ll stop breathing!
Is this typical? His head is stuffed between the green pillow and the blue one.

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@zande I know that I’m lucky to have found him! I hope he feels that he lucked out, too. Actually, I don’t care very much what “mix” he is. I had just never heard of basenjis before my Vet mentioned it. He doesn’t have a long tail - it seems to have been clipped. The barking is only when he hears someone approach my apartment door or if someone comes in that he doesn’t know. I’m working on desensitizing him to the latter. He DOES make noises like the dog in the videos below make & he grooms himself quite a bit. He DOES NOT play with toys. Don’t know if that’s breed specific or just Jack! He also isn’t too active; he’d be happy to sit on my lap or with his face in my arm pit all day!

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