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@elbrant I guess the whole “this makes me cringe” made me think otherwise. I was saying I wouldn’t be able to give strenuous exercise daily such as long hikes but as I stated, walks I can most definitely provide. And to add mental stimulation I can provide too.

Does anyone have a whippet as well and can give some input on the differences between them? Characteristics that may make me prefer one breed over the other. Or I just might have to get one of each! 😆

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@eeeefarm I don’t mind, and actually prefer, a dog that demands attention from time to time. I think if you all new how much ‘velcro’ my current dog is you would understand a bit more. Independent is not in her vocabulary. I love her and do let her constantly lean on me, lay on me too. Nothing like a 75lb lap dog! I’m not saying I want a 100% independent dog. Why get a dog if that was the case? Basenji’s sound wonderful the more I read. I’m like get how you all are stating they do demand attention sometimes and do love their owners. Honestly, from reading other posts and articles about them I was under the impression that they are not that loving and just wanted to be left alone most of the time. But watching videos of them I felt that must not be true. I do plan on meeting a few before I make my decision.

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@zande 4 years was just a estimate. Could be longer or shorter. She is 9 years old now.
Your comment brought up another question, Basenji’s, when trained properly, can have good recall? I’ve read whippets can never be trusted off leash so if a Basenji can be trusted off leash that would be another positive to add to my list. I don’t mind having to keep a dog on leash but if they can be trusted off leash in safe areas like the beach or woods Away from streets that would be nice.

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@dagodingo Thank you! This is the info I was looking for. I’d say I can provide this MOSTLY. If I’m being honest the 3-5miles a day I may not be able to provide daily. Most days sure but it’s closer to 2 mile walks (I’m guessing. I haven’t calculated my usual route). Depends on how often my dog wants to stop to smell the roses. 😆 I do love providing mental stimulation. My current dog is one to be envious of in the obedience factor but it’s not a requirement. I know and understand Basenji’s are stubborn. And harder to train. I feel me saying I want a more independent dog has upset a few people. Yet Basenjis are said to be a more independent breed? Just because I want a independent dog doesn’t mean I will love them less, not treat them as family, and not spoil them rotten. Anyways, thank you for your thorough response.

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@elbrant said “Or, two 30-45 minute walks, one in the morning and another in the evening. Without it, they tend to express their displeasure with (cough) "destructive" behavior. Naturally, the same can be said with most breeds. Dogs, especially young ones, need more exercise than a weekend outting with the family would provide.“

Hmmm, I never said just a weekend outing. Seems like you are miss reading my text. I am perfectly capable of providing, and do for my current dog, 30-45 min walks twice a day. But some breeds, so I have read, ie border collie, Dalmatians, Vizlas, German Wire hair pointers, etc. need MORE than a 30-45 min walk twice a day. But other breeds demand less, bull dogs, Mastif breeds, some could argue grey hounds, Etc prefer less. I don’t want to force a dog to do more than they can and don’t want a dog that requires more than I can offer. So someplace in between the two extremes. I understand every individual needs very, as is with everything in life. I hope I’m making it clearer. And I do value your opinion. Thank you for your input.

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@tanza thank you for your reply! I hope I didn’t come off as I want the dog to be perfect and only ask for pets when I want. I WANT a dog to enjoy being a part of the family and want to cuddle. Just not being pet 24/7 like my current dog, Piper. Piper is very much a Velcro dog in that she literally will lay on me, or try to ALL the time. I just want a dog that is okay to sit and chill SOMETIMES. Still in the house with the family, just not slobbering all over me all the time. Hope that makes sense. I’m the type of owner that LOVES their animals and would choose to go on vacation to places that are dog friendly so our dog can join us. I don’t expect any dog to be perfect. Both my children are amazing with all animals. I’ve worked very hard in teaching them how to interact with them properly. Even my 2 yr old is learning amazingly. I also NEVER leave them unsupervised with our current dog and cat. Anyways, thank you again for your reply

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I am looking into different breeds and both the Basenji and Whippet are the top two breeds I’m considering getting in the future. I have young children a 2yr old and a 5yr old but I’m not planning to get our next dog until our current dog (lab mutt) passes about 4yrs from now. What I don’t like about our lab mix (we love her! but there are parts of her personality I would like to avoid in a future dog) I don’t like how needy, Velcro she is! Always leaning on me! I love a dog that doesn’t mind pets and cuddles but only on occasion! I don’t like how smelly she is no matter how often she is bathed. I was told by the vet it’s a labs natural oily coat. I want a smaller dog, she is 75#.

What I’m looking for in a dog:
-likes pets and cuddles but only on occasion, so somewhat independent
-can get along with family cat (I know, I know, they are sight hounds. But I love cats too and plan on always having one so the dog needs to be able to live with one) why I plan on getting a puppy.
-tolerate of children Ages 6yrs +
-naturally clean, no oily coat

  • smaller 20-40#
    -enjoys going places with family like trips to the beach (on leash), hikes (on leash), camping (on leash) haha
    -somewhat independent. Doesn’t mind being home alone 6ish hrs while at work
    -medium exercise need. Okay with walks daily. Somewhere between a greyhound (lazy coach dog) and boarder collie (crazy go go go). Doesn’t mind longer hikes on occasion but doesn’t NEED it every day.

Any input is welcome! Thanks all!

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