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@sandy-hovis said in When your Basenji plants its feet:

@hamtaro you better “nip that in the bud”, the biting gets worse if you do not stand firm. Biting is not might be up setting now, but an older dog is worse. Get you training in now to prevent problems later.

Wouldn’t my dog already be older at 6 years? Or do you mean when he reaches 9-10 years?

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@zande said in When your Basenji plants its feet:

Mine sit on the doormat and refuse to budge if the path outside is at all damp. Mom, we are NOT going swimming ! The mat slides out eventually as I pull with the combined weight of the Basenjis keeping it in check.

Mine only go on the leash as far as the car which is outside the fenced area as I don't want them to have access to the highway from the driveway. Once we get to our destination they leap out and run free.

Yes, I think you need to get your boy used to being handled - somewhere along the line being picked up has become unpleasant. Sit with him and encourage him onto your lap and be gentle. If he wants to jump off, let him, but persist. Over and over again, until he realises a cuddle or being picked up is a pleasant experience.

He'll try to make you go in the direction HE wants to, until the end of his days (have you thought of finding a safe spot and teaching him re-call ?) but Kembe has the right idea, once you can pick him up. . .

Good luck,

I'll definitely try that. With encouraging him on my lap, should I use treats to start it off or just let him make his way over to my lap on his own over time?

I did toy with a recall. I would take him to a dog park (when it was empty) on occasion and work on it for fun here and there. But I would doubt if I have it consistent or if it would even work at this time. I've read on here and other places that they shouldn't be off leash, so I'm kind of nervous to have him off leash in the middle of the field. I live in an apartment next to a major intersection, so trying it at my place is a no-go.

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@phocoenagirl Yeah, I took him to the vet 2-3 months ago and he is cleared. Nothing out of the ordinary. My plan is to eventually do positive reinforcement with him. (I'm in the process of moving, so I haven't had the time to work with him on that one.) I haven't done any research yet beyond stuff that I found for "paw touching", but if you have suggestions, than I'm open to hearing them.

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@tanza I actually acquired him from a friend. So I didn’t raise him. He’s about 6-7 years old at this point.

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@kembe I see. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like me picking him. (Usually goes to bite whenever i attempt to.) Should I try and train him getting used to picking him up first?

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I've been reading the posts on here, but I can't seem to find much on when they plant their feet.

I have had my basenji for 4 months now. There are times when we walk where he plants his feet and won't budge. I used to pull him and try and get him to go the direction I wanted (I know, bad mistake). However, I try and not to do that anymore. I struggle with telling difference between him not wanting to go a certain way due to perceived danger and him simply being stubborn/lack of leash training on my part. I worry that I might have given him the lead on our walks and him thinking he can dictate where we go.

Any insight or tips? I carry treats with me in case I ever have to bribe him. (It hasn't happened yet, but better safe than sorry)

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@macpack I was wondering if I could ask a follow-up question in regards to making basenjis think "its their idea." I hear that a lot when I'm reading about them. What does that mean or look like?

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