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Carol Kuna

Lebanon, MO

Living with:

U-ACH Shelby OA NAJ TT (rescued Lab, retired)

CH Morgen RA CGC TT (St Schnauzer, yard guard)

CH Henry NA NAJ NJC O-TN-N TG-N TT (Cavalier, Rally partner)

Boston OA OAJ O-NAC NGC O-NJC O-TG-N O-TN-N (Cavalier, smiling agility partner)

Bakari (Basenji, table princess)

Waiting at the bridge:

Peggy Sue (Lab cross, that once-in-a-lifetime dog)

Catia (rescued Basenji, fiercely loved, despite everything)

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My name is Carol and I live in SW Missouri. I have one Basenji right now, who is my very first conformation dog. What a wild ride this has been! I also compete in agility and obedience, and hope to take Bakari to a lure test one day.

I have 5 dogs that live here full time, as well as a BRAT foster, who is waiting for his forever home. The fosters come and go, but are well loved while they are here!

I look forward to chatting with and learning from everyone.

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