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This was the reply that we received from her while asking about testing. She is rather vague about things. That is one of the reason we decided to not proceed any further with their pups.

we've never had any of the above test done other than the regular vet checkup where none have ever failed the health check. we've sold dogs to people and they had theirs tested but always came back negative. we've had this bloodline in our family for 17 years now and nobody has ever told us of any problems and i've never had to take one to the vet other than for a shipping checkup and health paper. our oldest dog is 13 years old now and we raised 8 pups on her last year our largest litter. but we've reired her and she's the comminity pet and don't look or act a day over 2. thanks, gary & sheila maxwell keota, ok. 918-966-3884 cell 918-775-1380 "SHEMAX BASENJIS" P.S. ODD HER MOM IS NAMED AFTER OUR GRANDAUGHTER "MACKENZIE"

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I understand what everyone is saying. I raised show and field trial Vislas about 20 years ago. I know how much it costs to maintain quality dogs. I have also raised and shown horses as well as cutter raced horses for a short time. The fact of the matter is I made a post asking if anyone had a respectable pup for $500. Nobody had to call into question whether I was able to properly care for the dog or not or explain the financial nuances of being a Breeder. Our ability to take proper care of the dog I would expect to discuss with the Breeder themselves, not on this Forum. I could be extremely well off for all any of you know. Just because I mentioned the price of $500 means nothing other than me simply putting out feelers to see if there are any dogs available in that price range. Apparently there are not so I will explore other options. I do apologize for insinuating that a runt may be born to a Basenji or that it may be possible to purchase one at a slightly reduced price, obviously neither of these is the case. I was going on the fact that if we had a worthy prospect for one of our Vislas we would go out of our way to help accomodate them even though it wasn't of any financial benefit to us. I appreciate everyones time and constructive criticisms.

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