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What is the status on this dog please.

yes please i would like an update on the wonderful pooch….... please bring good new quickly

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I appreciate the tips on training, however I have most assuredly tried EVERY type of training possible, even crate training, and nothing has worked.

Debra, the first vet I took her to guessed at her breed and the second vet did a DNA test with the Wisdom Panel MX Mixed Breed Analysis, She is a basenji and german shepherd mix.

Jennifer, yes she is spayed and up-to-date on her vaccines and monthly heartworm medication.

Dmcarty, euthanasia is out of the question. I do not believe that any dog should be put down just because they don't train well or chew things up, regardless of how irreplaceable the items are.

do you still own this dog??? if so call me 971-279-0199 as i would be more then happy to give her a home

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