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Oddly enough that information hasn’t been clear. I’m new to purchasing from a breeders. I found them through the AKC breeder puppies listing and their site seemed fairly legit other then the large upfront deposit “guaranteeing” me a puppy for this winter . As I’ve started to ask more questions and review their contract some things don’t seem quite right.

I reached out to get the information you mentioned including asking for some references and they gave me a vague reply that I could come

There was a lot of helpful information in this thread and I’ve started to reach out to a couple other breeders based on what is listed on If anyone else has some contacts that they would like to share of reputable breeders out west please let me know. Thanks!

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Like the OP I am in a very similar spot (in Las Vegas as well) looking for a West Coast breeder.

I can across Basenji Dogs Anza, CA on the akc site that is taking deposits for a winter litter. I haven’t paid the deposit but have been communicating back and for via email. Wondering if anyone has any experience with them or if I should be wary and look into some of the other breeders mentioned on this topic? Their site is

Would appreciate any feedback!

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