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my Basenji, 1.5 years old, has a unpredictable phenomena of jumping on someone leg and give a small bite. He doesn't 'attack' aggressively but still people get scared and one time he made a mark on a lady leg. I can't determine when he would do it, as it is very seldom and without a warning. Any advices? TX.

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@debradownsouth Excuse me for getting in. Lady, you are wrong. First - there is what is defined as Hold Cargo and special Cargo.
What is more important that I much agree that long flights are a big risk for a dog, especially a Basenji.
I am not sure what is the fight between you and the other user, but to try to convince people to take their Basenji on a long flight is dangerous and wrong. That dogs die on events, other then flights don't mean that you need to take this unnecessary risk. Why?
What the user mentioned on long flights make total sense and I found others that support this opinion - "Williamson kicked off a list of other ways an animal could die in flight. “Some freeze to death when climate-control systems fail, while others die of heat prostration on the tarmac during lengthy delays, hurt themselves while escaping from carriers, or are injured or killed when heavy items fall during extreme turbulence,” he said. "
I do not see any reason to leave a Basenji in the luggage for more the 4 hours. too risky. He can die.

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