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@meghedy I’m from Toronto too, got my pup from skywalker, it was about a 4.5-5 hour drive when I picked up my little guy.

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@eeeefarm you are right, I turned to google on how to “fix” his behaviour and that’s where I got the idea to dangle a infront of him, I thought it was odd but I tried... and it didn’t work, he just ate the treat without even giving me eye contact, this is why I turn to this forum, I wanted advise from this who are familiar with basenji’s, as they are different from other breeds. I really appreciate everyone’s advise, I definitely have some more homework to do 🙂

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@zande thank you, I will definitely try the leader 🙂

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@basenjimom2 thank you for your advise, i will avoid the dog park park until he is neutered.i don’t want him or any dog getting hurt.

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Hi everyone, looking for some advice. I have an 8 month old male (not neutered yet), I’ve socialized him with many dogs and people since I got him and he’s been great. He loves meeting people and dogs, and is very playful.
However, Recently he attacked acouple of male dogs (they weren’t neutered either they were around the same age) one was a basenji just like him (same age, not neutered) and the other was a different breed. I know he’s probably showing dominance and there were female dogs at the park that were not spade... but wasn’t in heat, need to figure out what I can do to prevent this from happening again, both times were at the dog park, I don’t want to stop taking him there, trying to figure out what I can do before it escalates.

Also he had growled at acouple of dogs, I can feel the leash vibrating from him growling, I immediately hold him back and tell him no or stop... but I’m sure there’re a proper way to handle this, just not sure how.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks 🙂

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@mattymo hi, did you happen to find a vet near Toronto that has basenji experience?

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@thelees102117 hi, I’m having the exact same issue with my pup, going to see the vet tomorrow, did you happen to get the results from the vet?

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