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I start with the small size, sand paper wheel on a small cordless dremel for the puppies… then I move on to the larger size wheel and I have a larger (more powerful) cordless and a corded variety dremel to use when they are bigger. I have tried the stones but, for me, I prefer the sand paper.

For the dogs that are being shown, I do their nails once a week. Everyone else is about every two weeks (when I don't get lazy :o ). I do have some dogs that I make more of an effort to do their nails more often. I may go three weeks on some. If I go a month or more I really regret it. It takes soooo long to grind them when they are too long.

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Hey, Denice 🙂
Glad to see you here too!

This site could really grow into a great discussion forum!!!

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I have had so many breeders and owners tell me they don't want their females to meet mine.

I will not press this enough…if you socialize your Basenji to everything you can possibly socialize them to...they will be a well behaved, well mannered Basenji who will be friendly with MOST other dogs/people etc.

I do agree with you 100% about socialization… but it truly depends on the situation and the dogs. Some people may know that their dogs are not socialized and therefore know that it would not be a good idea for the girls (or boys) to meet. I also think it has to do with where you are. I know, when I'm at a dog show there is added stress and my dogs can be bit more "jumpy". I'm also VERY protective at events. All it could take is one bad meeting to ruin the whole day and make the dog very difficult to show or not perform well.

I have had all kinds of basenjis. I have had those that are little more dog aggresive than I would like, but love every person they meet. I have had some that take the word "aloof" too seriously. And I have had some that love everyone and everything they meet. I, of course, prefer the later. Unfortunately, they are not all like that. 🆒

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My name is is Catherine. I have had basenjis for almost 20 years 😃
I really hope to see this new forum take off!

I have thought that the basenji community has needed this for a long time.

Thank you for taking on the task and providing this forum!

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