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I am in need of help regarding my Basenji, who was rehomed 6+ months ago, he pulls a lot on the leash, and we have tried many months of training techniques, head collar, etc. but nothing is working at all, especially with his problem with other dogs/people, he will go insane no matter how far away the dog/person is, even if they are no longer visible. We would love for him to just walk on a loose leash and be able to take him in public, as at the moment we are unable since he can't even walk nicely in our local park. Open to anything, collars, dog training etc. Please just help us, we are running out of options.

Thank you in advance,

Chloe ☺

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Thank you so much for understanding the issue I am facing, and we are not allowing him to greet unless he goes to the dog nicely

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We will try, we have also used the command ''Let's go'' with a tug to get him moving the opposite way, the only problem is sometimes if you pick him up when he doesn't want to he will growl, I don't think he would bite though so we will try it.

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A few months ago we got a 1 year old Basenji male called Ozzie who had been re-homed as the owner could no longer care for him, due to this, as a puppy he did not receive the correct training as a puppy so lacks socialization. We have managed to train him to sort of walk nicely (he still sometimes pulls) but his main issue we are still yet to solve. If he sees another dog, or any people, he will freeze in place and lay down, you can't move him if you tried, distractions don't work, body blocking doesn't work, toys, treats, a freshly cooked steak, nothing will work! It is extremely embarrassing and people think that he is aggressive, but he only does this as he is so excited to see other dogs. We need to solve this as he will do it in the middle of the path/road even if a dog is miles away, and I don't want to wait for ten minutes to let a dog pass just for the dog to not even care about mine or greet. Any way to solve this behavioral issue, we are open to anything as we are desperate at this point, we really need it solving.
Thank you in advance!

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