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Thank you all so much for responding to my questions on the Basenji puppy I may be getting.
I am very disheartened, however by the lack of people eager to tell me more about the dog itself than that of the Faconi Syndrome.
The reason I joined this group was to share stories about the dog…..
maybe a little more enlightening????

I am sorry, but as a first time dog owner and after all the research I have put forth, I am starting to feel more scared now than excited.

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I will make sure of all of this. I am traveling there on Friday and if it seems unreputable I will not be purchasing this dog.
Any other information?

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I am purchasing this dog from a lady in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Her name is Teresa and her website, is

It looks very reputable…..

Where did you get yours from?

How are you doing with the new puppy?

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I don't know! I will email the breeder and find out

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I am going this Friday to pick out our first Family dog. I have decided on the basenji and need to know even more than I have read about them.
I have been a dog owner all of my life but not on my own with my own family. I have waited until my three girls were old enough to understand the caretaking of a pet and hopefully this one will be a wonderful addition!
I am getting a little girl puppy. She will not be potty trained. I intend to crate train her.
I bought chew toys as I was told they were needed! 🙂
Any thing else?
Should I be scared?
Should I be excited?

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