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@zande Hello Again...There is an organization in New York called the SATO Project.
It is a rescue organization whose sole purpose is to save abandoned and stray dogs that
inhabit many of beaches in Puerto Rico. I don't know the location per se but Dead Dog beach is
the main area that SATO concentrates on most of their rescues.
They have flights to Puerto Rico regularly and bring back plane loads of dogs to the USA.
As I understand it, once back in the states, the dogs are given to various rescue organizations throughout New York and Long Island.
Connie came to me via ARF ( ANIMAL RESCUE FOUNDATION) in Southampton again through SATO.
Here is a link to SATO:
Oh and by the way..All the pups are VET checked, given shots and certified health before coming to the states.

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@zande Thank You for the kind words and good information.

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I just came upon this forum and figured I'd take a crack at trying to identify the breed of my rescue.
Her name is Connie. I adopted her 4 yrs ago from an organization that saves dogs from Dead Dog Beach in
Puerto Rico. She lives with me in my condo in Long Island. Connie is 31lbs and in good health.
We walk 3-4 miles a day in the complex and many times I'm stopped and asked what breed is she.
My Vet said he sees a lot of terrier in her.
Does anyone see any Basenji?
Thanks!!0_1596831753908_thumbnail.jpeg 0_1596831769549_thumbnail-1.jpeg

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