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Thank you. I have heard several B owners compare their dog to a toddler. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just an exaggeration. My childhood Min Pin was the only comparing point I had. I appreciate everyone's responses.

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In your experience, was the training similar between the two breeds or is the Basenji much more challenging to train?

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This may seem like an odd question but has anyone owned a Basenji and a Miniature Pinscher at some point? I was raised with a Min Pin and from the research I've done, the two breeds seem to have some similar characteristics. For example, my Min Pin wasn't very needy when it came to affection, she would constantly test the rules to see if our reaction was consistent but eventually it would "click", she is not aggressive toward other people but she does growl at dogs and persistent children. Anyway, I'm asking because I would like to get a better idea of this breed's characteristics before I bother anyone with trying to meet a Basenji in person. Thank you in advance for your experiences.

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