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Love animals (ok, we all know I'm partial to Basenji's!!) and want to make a difference? Join me in an online fundraiser today!

I'm a stylist for Stella & Dot and am holding an online fundraiser to raise money to donate to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty of Animals).

Stella & Dot is the modern home-based career that your mother never had. We've put the power of e-commerce, social networking and personal service behind an irresistible jewelry line. It's the next big opportunity for our era. Think getting together with girlfriends, sharling a glass of wine over fabulous jewelry! Recognized in the New York Times and on the Today Show, its not only a big idea, it's a smart business that actually works!

Products: Designed in New York and San Francisco by award winning trend-setters who also create jewelry sold in Neiman Marcus and Fred Segal, our boutique style jewelry has been featured in top fashion magazines and on many celebrities. Did I mention 50% of the line is under $50??!!! So I welcome you to experience all that Stella & Dot has to offer. Take a look, I think you'll be surprised!

If you'd like to participate, please check out my website at - Shop online some of the hottest jewelry around. When prompted, please type in Brooke Barrick as your party hostess. All proceeds will be donated at the end of September to the ASPCA to help animals in need.

Like what you see? Let's do a trunk show!
Love what you see? Ask me how to become a stylist too!

Thanks so much for your support!!

All the best,
Brooke Barrick ~ Miles & Lexi's Mom:)
Stella & Dot Stylist 104187

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Sorry we haven't been on in a while. I'm working on my second job as a stylist for Stella & Dot. Check it out and tell your friends!!

Meanwhile I'm going to post some pics from the last six months!! 🙂

So, living in northern VA, just outside DC, we had the worst winter ever. Here are some pics and videos from the massive storm we got!

Click on this one- it's a video!

Notice the dogs love to lay on the heating vent. 🙂 Click on this one- it's a video!

Then spring came and we went hiking! 🙂

They always tell us that they love us. 🙂 Click on this one- it's a video!

We took the kids to the Basenji Convention this weekend…

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My two HATE the snow. I don't think Lexi's pooped in 2 days! We've cleared a path for them, but they still try to go "off the path"– and then they sink in and come back. Ugh!!

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Love these pics! Reminds me of Lexi & Miles today! They didn't want to be out in it either!!

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Wow- what beautiful pics! Happy Birthday!! He is such a cutie!! Love your pics, your stories… He is such a good dog!! Thank you for sharing and for being a part of this website!!

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We got a total of 20 inches- I think it's a record for around here! The dogs HATE it. Lexi just tries to tunnel through the door to get back inside where it's warm. We took the dogs to a field where they could run around. We wanted to see if they'd frolic in it like other dogs do. As soon as we let them off, Miles ran right back down our street. We thought he was trying to go home until he bolted into the first open garage (where the guy was shoveling his driveway). We caught him digging in their trash. Nice. Not doing that again!! (Please note that the entire area is shut down and there were no cars driving anywhere, in case you were wondering.) The snow is well above their heads now. We had to shovel a path for them to go to the bathroom. lol

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Snowed in… what else is there to do besides take pictures of your furkids?? 😉
Merry Christmas!!

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We woke up to several inches of snow this morning– the most I've ever seen in my life! Took some pics- at least another foot is expected!!

Lexi hates the snow:

Determined to find some grass…

What's all this white stuff?

First walk of the day:

Video on the walk:

Trying to get the dogs to play in the snow- these are definitely desert dogs!

Lexi being a good girl and coming out to "play".

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Even our "bulldog" gets into the spirit…lol

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hahahaha…. that's hilarious!!

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Couldn't resist posting a few more…

Miles on the ride home from Thanksgiving. It took 11 hours. 😞

Do you see what I see??? Do you see what I see?? A Jam! A Jam! Peeking from behind…

I found Miles posing by the Christmas tree this morning. Apparently he was ready for his photoshoot…

I mean seriously?? Do your dogs beg to be photographed like this like mine do? They totally set themselves up and just hold the pose. It's unbelievable. 🙂

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Sounds like fun! How did they do?? Did you run with them? Do you have them on separate leashes? A jogging leash? How did they do with the other dogs? That is so awesome! I would love to do something like that!

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Beautiful pics!! He's a big boy!! Love him!! 🙂

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Hahha… thanks guys! Miles has certainly found his forever home-- although I really wish he'd quit sneaking into the closet and laundry basket-diving! Ugh!! And he always eats my socks. He runs incessantly in circles when he's not into something and he farts on us when he's mad. I swear he's a skunk sometimes!! 😉 But despite all his "bad" habits, I still adore that little Ham!! 🙂 And then there's Lexi who is a perfect angel-- and usually tells on him when he's doing something bad- like raiding the trash!! So funny!

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It's been a while- we've been so busy since we've moved. Anyway– Here are some recent pics... Enjoy! 🙂

Lexi uses three pillows to make herself a nest. 🙂

Miles just wads up the blankets. 😉 Right in the middle of our king size bed.

Miles loves the fireplace in the new house.

Where else is there to be on a cold day??

Lexi watches the first snowfall of the season; the first in the new house.

Neighborhood watch.

Lexi's Christmas Tree photo shoot. No lie, she jumped on the chair on her own and begged me to take pics of her. 😉 She is my little basenji supermodel! lol

And Miles in the snow.

Ahhhh, Christmas!! 🙂

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Way to go!! When we rescued Miles, his ears had frostbite and chunks would just fall off in my hand. I just cleaned them with mild soap and water and put neosporin on them and after a few months, they healed. Yeast infections are a different thing though. Lexi's only had one once and the vet gave us a solution to rinse her ears with– well, rather put it on a cotton ball and swab them out. It seemed to really help quickly. Good luck! It's so rewarding to see their progress!! I love it!

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Oh gosh… I am so sorry. I don't have any personal experience, but I would probably bring my other dog if I had to make a decision like that. I am so sorry. It breaks my heart. 😞

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She is totally cute and in need of a family. 🙂

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Well, there are lots of things that go great with jeans!! Start a new trend!! I'm a Georgia gal too– Southern women, gotta love em!!

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OMG–- I absolutely LOVE your pictures AND your dogs!! Tillo's one of my favorites! And his "back up girlfriend" is beyond adorable!! I love them as a pair and enjoy your pics and stories so much!!

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