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We had this problem with our Basenji too when she was younger. She's more jumpy and in your face playing with other dogs and they don't always like it. She had issues where dogs would get more aggressive with her because of how much she bothered them. We had to be very vigilant in the dog park and leave when it was time. HOWEVER, I am happy to say that she grew out of this. She is significantly less "aggressive" (not ever real agrees just playing rough) now. Around the year and a half mark we noticed a change in her. I do sometimes wonder if it has to do with us staying home more due to quarantine. She listens to us a lot better when we're at the dog park and she knows how to stay away from dogs that might not like her. When a dog allows it she will get rougher, but she backs off when they get angry. I don't think she knew how to do this as a puppy, but as she's older now she's much better at it.

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We had a similar issue with our girl. She had no problems eating until one day she just stopped. She also doesn't like to eat when we're not home. In order to motivate her to eat we went through a phase of mixing in a spoonful of wet food. That really helped for many months until one day she stopped again. Now we add some shredded freeze-dried chicken treats so she’s eating again. I won't be surprised if in a few months we have to make another change or go back to wet food. I think she might get bored of the same thing. She also has access to food at all times since she’s not an over eater. That helps her eat at her own pace instead of taking it away (which we tried initially).

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My husband flew on United from DC to pick up our 10-week old puppy from Tampa. We paid $125 (I believe) for a pet and she had to stay in the sherpa bag during the flight. We didn't have any problems, she slept the whole time!

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We use TALL gates because our girl can easily climb/jump over them. I do not recommend any with horizontal bars as that's the easiest to climb. The two we bought are 37inches tall (extra-wide) and 41inches (standard door size) tall by Regalo from Amazon. The ones I bought each have doors which is convenient, but not small pet doors.

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