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I think that it is not legal not to able to close an account. It’s a lawsuit against Facebook and google. If you are the owner of the site please CLOSE my account

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Talk with someone professional as soon as possible. It’s very not normal behavior to any puppy and must be dealt with professional help

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@tanza Tanza,
A person asked how he can get a puppy. " after a lot of research we believe that the Basenji is the perfect dog for us to begin our new life together with....Are there ever instances of puppies being born in the late summer/early fall? Any help/guidance is much appreciated."
After I have seen that 5 days no-one answered but only created an internal discussion if the user should or should not get a puppy, and the user disappeared (check the history) I have given two options, and the user thanks me. Even then, I got attacked for those options, and users told the person not how to get a puppy, but because he is getting married, NOT to get a puppy, I thought it was rude and I expressed my feeling. The user disappeared again

Then one of your users adviced a very wrong advice that can not just damage but KILL a basenji and you still attacking me for trying to prevent people to follow this incredible damaging advice. No, I am not sorry I insisted to prevent users to risks their dog's life in long flights. IT IS A RISK, unnecessary risk to KILL A DOG,

Thank you, and I wish you good luck.

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@tanza I agree. Just to make my point. The user did not ask to be educated but to get started getting a Basenji. And I was angry as people started educating him, or better say arguing that he should not bring a puppy now or whatever they said. It's not the first time I see it here and in other forums. In any case, i am out of here.

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@debradownsouth hallo and Goodbye. I

Just for users that may read yours very wrong advice.
There is special Cargo transportation and there are air conditioned storage. Special Cargo is done by special agents and can’t be ordered directly from the airlines. As I understood It’s very expensive, so I couldn’t effort it and I only know the data i got from the agent. If you buy a dog the breeder will know and advice you.

In any case , what important is that flying a dog in the luggage can be traumatic. It is not like you leave him for long time at home.
He is in a dark place, with lot of noises and he does not know what’s going on. He doesn’t know it’s only for ten hours and can get stressed and traumatized. Not to mention that technical problems can happen, like lose or air conditioner, shifts of the crate, problem with water and more.

experts i talk with totally reject flying an animal in the luggage for more then five hours. Highly advices to split it to two with a day stop in between the legs.

People that need to fly - I ask you to contact experts which will advice you not to have long flights and how to deal with it, how to prepare yourself, your dog and the crate, water, food etc to the flight. Still, those are only tips for reducing the danger. The danger exists and dogs die on flights!
That’s a fact!
Long flights increase the danger significantly. It's does not a linear increase. A basenji can survive an unplanned change in climate for few hours, but may not survive nine hours. He will not 20% die; he may die, dead in 100%.
Don’t let him fly for more than four-five hours in the luggage!

Debra — GOODBYE.

You answer people long psychological reviews about their personality and about things you were not asked about.

More than that - you give FALSE and dangerous data.


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@zande said in Help with getting started.:

Buying a puppy - I think you need to see both parents if at all possible, and certainly get all the health test data.
But it is two-way traffic. There is no way I would contemplate selling a puppy to someone who was prepared to buy one 'on-line' !

About Facebook - it sounds VERY not professional, but if you know to use the tool is may be safe, even safer from other platforms. Why? It is difficult to fake history as you cannot go back and put pictures, data, etc. in the past. If you survey that a breeder has a long history, then it has good chance to be correct. Of course, its only the start, and you should meet, talk with the breeder and recommendations. Again, it's straightforward to find recommendations in the net as the breeders put pictures and information with the buyers' name. You can directly contact many buyers, without the need of the breeder to supply you with the data, espcially for you. It's out there, and it's again very tricky to fake it.

Additionally, an advantage of the net is that those unprofessional breeders, fake or sell stolen puppies, can and are in many times detected by people. I have got notices that people used fake pictures and it's easy to write in public your feedback regarding bad breeders and breeders know that.
I do not say it the best tool; I only say that because of people misuse, mainly we heard lately about the fake news, it doesn't mean it not a useful tool for breeders, and buyers.

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I have just remembered that YOU have answered me when i have done my homework planning to take a dog to vacation with me., saying that you flew Cargo with ElAl from the US to Israel for 200 dollars.
After I have said it doesn't sound reasonable, you corrected/understood that you flew your dog in AIRCON LAGGUGE compartment for I assume NINE hours. (Debra) "Soit may be with . It did worry me that it could drop ti 41C, but that's rare."

Flying animal alone in the aircon luggage for more than 4 hours risks your dog life, and I would never do!! (and it doesn't matter how many times YOU did it and the dog survived)
Any sensible person would advise you to break it to two legs. Failing to do so can KILL your DOG.
And you go, check my posts and criticize me? WHAT SICKNESS do YOU suffer FROM?

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@zande hallo, to share my short experience in buying as I never till this Basenji bought an animal. I have search and met breeders in the country I currently live. All of them were extremely passionate about their puppies but after meeting them I didn’t have a feeling they really understood dogs. It was my opinion on which i will not explain in details. Going to the net, including Facebook I got to find extremely good candidates which I made video conferences. The web gave me the opportunity to find what I preferred - a breeder with TWo different type of dogs. Why? Again it’s not relevant.
Regarding the transport. Accompany a puppy you will probably take him with you to the cabin closed in a dog special bag. I personally don’t like it, especially for long flights with a new owner, that can be inexperienced flying with a dog, especially a puppy that will make his needs during the flights and if he is basenji, may start crying. I would have preferred to send it with a special Cargo that they accompany the dog is a secure environment and also handle all the paperwork. The price is high. But it again you to choose.

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Yes, I’m not a breeder, that’s why I asked once information for PRIVATE accompanied trip. Means I wanted to take my Dog with me. It’s a different case. Not the same. Can you understand the difference, after you went, you sick women, made reaeach on my posts here?
It is NOT flying with the puppy in the cabin, NOR at the special area in the luggage area where the puppy is alone all travel, but with a special cargo with special agents that deal with the shipment. You can’t arrange that by yourself, only through those special agents.

BREEDERS I KNOW can and ship
puppies this way. Safe and Expansive. You don’t? GREAT!
You want to answer long answers about things no one asked your opinion? GREAT!!

Tell you more , I never had a dog as a pet, so I never jog with a dog nor took it with me to a vacation. Why? It’s not your ducking business!

I have answered the user question as he didn’t ask for your and anyone else approval for buying a puppy or your psychological opinion.

I gave the user information he looked for. If he would choose and what he will choose is his business with the breeder. Not with you.

Please LEAVE Me alone from now on.
I don’t know how to block you you from replying to my posts so I ask you to LEAVE ME ALONE you BORED Sick Woman!

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