• I am forwarding this to California animal lovers and hope each one of you will do the same. This is an important and simple bill that urgently needs to be passed. We have seen the need for an exemption several times at our rescue and have not been able to get one. This petition can do so much good for so many ailing and older dogs. Please take a moment to sign and forward it.

    Karen Jones

    Basenji Rescue of California

    PO Box 93

    Acton, CA 93510

    (661) 269-2364


    Subject: FW: Rabies vaccine petition request:

    This came from my friend Connie, and I would like to bring it to your attention and ask you to consider to sign this petition and to pass it on to your friends. Thank you.

    Hi Guys:

    As you know, I very rarely send you mass e-mails. But this one is really important to me. For those of you who don?t have dogs or who don?t know about Rabies vaccines, they are usually good for life after they are given once in puppy hood. The vaccines have many severe side effects and can kill dogs who have some conditions. My Basenjis Echo, has this kind of condition. Some people pay each year to have them tested so, they can get a letter from their Vet and get an exemption from the vaccine. My city does not except these tests or letters. There is a bill that is up for vote that would make this a state law allowing exemption. Could you do me a huge favor and take a moment and sign this petition supporting this bill. It is really very important and can save the lives of many dogs who have conditions that make them at risk.

    Thanks so much,




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