• Welcome to you and Delta

  • oh lovely! I'm in Edinburgh too, when you get back we should have a meeting of the curly tailed monsters. 🙂

  • Inkinshasha We shall just have to wait then! In the meantime i look forward tp pictures.

  • Welcome! We look forward to seeing photos of your pup!

  • So, I got photos 🙂 Taken in the back bit of our office today.

    Delta on the pallets, where she likes to sunbathe (if there's sun). She hasn't got a wrinkly face in this one, but she is showing off her "uneven ear position" a treat:

    Delta still on the pallets, but wondering if she's got a chance at the out-of-shot lizard on the wall:

    A nice head-shot - bringing out her pavement-special genes… There are moments when she looks a bit like a mini-ridgeback, too...

    And it's a rubbish photo, but her tail is variably curly - this is one of its curlier positions:

    as I said, we like her…

  • Welcome to the forum from Czech Republic :).
    She looks like typical african village dog, she is really beautiful and I just love her face and those ears :D.
    Looking forward to see more pics. What about some from puppy age, do you have any?

  • To be honest, I'm not sure that there are any. My boyfriend might have some, I'll have to ask him when he gets back from Kisangani…

    In the photos it's impossible to see her lovely neck, though. I'll have to try harder for a profile shot. And maybe some running ones. And some sleeping ones. And, and... 😃

  • What a lovely girl.

  • Very pretty girl. Thanks for sharing her photos with us!

  • Mallia is the third Basenji we have the pleasure of having in the last 30 years. She is a female where as the first two were males.

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