Funny Face

This morning I went to the snow, some photos of Funny.
It is cold, so he wears his coat! πŸ˜ƒ

I tried to take a photo of us two, but the young is not very cooperative :p

Brrr.. that looks cold.. Funny looks great in his coat! And I love the pic of the two of you πŸ˜ƒ

Lovely snowy pics , Juliette. I like the one of the two of you.
It was frosty here this morning so Malaika had her coat on too.

Lovely pictures but they make me feel so cold. We've had some really cold weather here but no sign of snow - mine aren't wearing their coats yet except for Jewel who is my 'oldie' and moves around quite slowly when we go on our 'sniffs' as I call our walks,

It is snowing, in one hour it is totally withe. Tomorrow I will take photos of Funny in the snow, I hope that the sun will shine !

Funny who poses inside and outside

Yahoo!!!! Funny is planying

View of the lake (Lausanne)

He wants to jump, it's difficult not to make it!

The life is so hard …

More lovely pictures, thank you.

Funny is a beautiful dog- great pictures - I imagine "Funny" refers to his antics, because his face is gorgeous!

Before I have he, he was named Faro. I didn't like this name, so a named he with the pedigree name, Funny Face, we call him Funny. I think that is an excellent name, because he is realy funny, I laugh a lot, he is a little clown πŸ˜ƒ

This morning

This night (30 minutes ago)

Funny wears his winter and night coats

Lovey pictures, but I'm afraid the choke chain/prong/whatever it is spoils them for me. 😞 I see it has also discoloured the fur on the neck a good bit.


but I'm afraid the choke chain/prong/whatever it is spoils them for me

I don't understand, can you explaine with other words please πŸ˜‰

He is a little grey to the fur on the neck, but it's not a problem for me, a little dog shampoo and it is again white

It's snowing, Funny has snow up to the elbow. It is funny to see him running, he makes big jumps πŸ˜ƒ

I have a little problem with Funny. Now he has fear of separation (it is correct?), panics by car, especially if I have to leave him 5 minutes alone.
He destroys what holds him, cry …
The fear of separation is just out side, in side I haven't problem. But out side, if my brother leaves, Funny search him and try to join him, he became very "excited".
I cannot attach him in front of the store, he starts to roar...

At home he is almost hyper active!

He takes flowers of Bach (do yon now it?) and on Thursday, we will have a TTouch session, I hope that ca be going to sort out things :rolleyes:

New photos

The view since my window

We two, cheeks reddened by the cold, finally I, on Funny it does not see itself! ! :lol!:

With Chadow

After the walk πŸ˜ƒ

Here are a few links from recent threads posted here on the forum. They might be helpful for you.

There are probably more. Just type in separation anxiety after you have pointed and clicked on the term SEARCH at the top of the page. Let me know if you have problems with doing this.

When was Funny Face's last full vet check? Were there any borderline results on anything? You may also want to rule out any health problems, so a quick vet check up might be in order. Then, as someone on the links has said, a behaviourist might be useful.

All the best. Please keep us posted as to how everything goes.

Some news from Funny

We did a TTouch session, it was very interesting and I learnt somethings.
Funny took some "Fleurs de Bach" (Bach Flowers) for his anxiety, it has realy helped.
He is still excited, but it is manageable!

We were to the school too, and now it is better. Funny hasn't forgot anything, it was just my fault, I was not doing correctly so Funny could't understand what I wanted.

Funny is now 1 year! He is a very lovely dog, never grunt, nice with every other dogs and humans, Funny love everyone πŸ™‚

This week-end I present Funny in a dog Show in Switzerland, I hope he will win πŸ˜‰

News pictures from the monster

With Paco

With Chadow

With Fascia Lata

Over Fascia

With friends

Thank you for posting Funny Face's pictures he has grown into a handsome boy. I love to see him racing around with the other dogs. I wish you and him good luck at the show.

I use a form of Ttouch on my Basenjis (and other people's) to calm them down especially if they've been badly stressed. I find it very successful. I did have some training but didn't keep up with it.

It looks like he's enjoying life:) Thanks for sharing your photos!

I love your reflective coat…very safe in the dark.

Troppppppp chou!!!!! Je te dis MERDE for the show πŸ™‚ ++

good luck at the show and thanks for the update. i've used rescue remedy on my basenjis every once in a while. sometimes it helps, sometimes not so much.


Troppppppp chou!!!!! Je te dis MERDE for the show πŸ™‚ ++


I gave a bath to Funny today, he shines now πŸ˜ƒ


I love your reflective coat…very safe in the dark.

I did myself, with an old reflective coat

For us first dog-show, Funny has had very good results.
Saturday he made a 3rd place with an Excellent, and Sunday a 2nd place with an Excellent and the RCAC.
I am very proud of him! He was calme and friendly with everyone.

Some photos from the little star

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