• @tanza:

    How sad is that…. "outside pets"... NOT..... and since CKC, obviously not a responsible breeder...

    Unless CKC refers to CANADIAN Kennel Club – that one's a legitimate registering body.
    CONTINENTAL Kennel Club is NOT.

    BRAT is aware of this boy.

  • @wrinkled:

    Pongo looks like a PB brindle and white. Looks like he's in an overcrowded shelter in WV. Could someone from BRAT check on him?http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17745373

    BRAT has been in contact with the shelter and they will release him to us.

    Debbi J.

  • Does anyone know if this boy was rescued?

  • I think BRAT is picking him up this weekend. Our District Coordinator for that area is in contact with the Shelter. It's just a matter of timing. They will hold him until we can pick him up.

  • I have an update on Pongo. I picked him up on Nov. 6th in the Charleston, WV area (the sweet boy slept the entire 3hr ride). I kept him with me for a week until J.R. Key was able to take him. J.R. had him "vetted" etc…. Pongo may be on the BRAT site as early as this weekend??? The Petfinder pix did not do this boy justice. He is very handsome. He has the softest coat. Loves to show off his belly. Pongo is very calm in the house, he has very nice manners. He was the only dog/pet in a 2 adult mellow household. He was never alone, so no need to crate him. HE NEVER STOLE A SINGLE THING. When coming up behind him, I asked him if I could have his "stinky stick" (aka Bully Stick), the first time he dropped it and showed me his belly. A little while later, I tried again, just when it was good and slimy, he dropped it, got up and walked away. No grumping at all. He pulls when he walks. even with a harness on. He is a very quick learner tho. Only took a few times to train him to ring the bells to go out to potty. He is a great dog, not a spaz. I hope he finds a nice home, he deserves it, and he would be very grateful. Can you tell I miss him
    PJ Musheno

  • What a heartwarming description! Thank you, PJ, for caring for Pongo and obviously opening your heart to him. 🙂 I'm glad he has a second chance in life!

  • Thank you Patty for the kind words. You made my heart smile.

  • Hi PJ… you are welcome! 🙂 Did you happen to see the posting for the red/white little girl out of Pittsburgh? I emailed the owner, and while she is basenji savvy, the young girl , Hattie, won't get along with her female b. Perhaps you can help this family with rehoming their girl?

  • Hi Patty
    No I didn't see Hattie. I need to look on craigs list more often. I guess I'm a little leary (sp) about the ads on there, never know if they're legit or not. This one, however, does legit; don't ya think??
    I'll also email her, let her know I'm a BRAT volunteer and that I'm here in Pgh.
    Thank you for the info

  • Hi PJ, I've been emailing the lady… she just adopted this little girl on Friday, and Hattie is being aggressive to her other (first) basenji girl. I suggested that she joins this forum to get some ideas on how to get them to get along. Hopefully, with a little support, the two girls may get along. 🙂

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