In Season Already!!

Maya came into season yesterday, about 2 months earlier than she did last year :eek: Ruined any plans i had of breeding her this year :rolleyes: But next year will be better anyway as we have a lot of exciting things happening with the other dogs, one arriving from america in the next few weeks AND a litter due too 😃

I wonder if it was the other dogs being in season that brought Maya in so early? 😕 Lets hope this one is easier than the nightmare that was her last season!! She got very very poorly and her season lasted about 3 months :eek:

Don't they just love to scupper our plans:rolleyes:

Hope maya doesn't get poorly like last time:(

I thought that Belle's season was going to be later this autumn as she decided to have a spring season but Kwame is telling me otherwise at the mo. He has started his chomping thing when she wee's which he normally starts to do about 3-4 weeks before she comes in so looks like she will be in at her normal time.

Seems like a lot of dogs came in season between June and August in the US this yr too. Global warming?

I have at times experienced my bitches coming into season triggered by one of my non-Basenjis' season. This might possibly be the case for Maya. Lets hope she keeps well this time.


Seems like a lot of dogs came in season between June and August in the US this yr too. Global warming?

we can blame al gore…...:D

Both times Zoni came into season it was in the summer and the early Spring. Can't tell anymore if she is coming in season early or late. :rolleyes: Have no clue when the next one will be…I'm guessing this fall or winter but who knows...she's an enigma wrapped in a mystery inside a lockbox (thought I would through in an Al Gore reference. ;))

Good luck planning for next year! 🙂

I've a feeling Madam is going to come into season soon. Rocco is doing that chomping thing and tempers are getting a bit short :eek:. Never had an entire male before, so this is a bit scary (he was too young really to realise what was going on last year).

Oh dear, poor Rocco!

Vinnie is not interested in Maya at the moment (too early) but he will no doubt be in love with her next week :rolleyes: that would be a crazy cross - a pugenji!

Kia seems to come into season every 9 months now, both her and her mother used to come in almost to the day first week in September.

Fiji will come in soon I am sure, everyone is getting uppity, dogs and bitches, we have never had any serious problems with them in the past, fingers crossed it continues that way!

A Pugenji :eek::eek::eek: don't even think it Jess 🙂

I dont know, a silent pug would be a godsend :rolleyes:

We are fully in the swing of femaleness. She is wayy earlier than last year, much to my doggie sitters dismay..

Jaycee first heat last year was a long one and she is in heat now and almost done. Jayden at least was good about all of it he maybe a pup but his nose sure works well sure happy nothing else was working.

Rita Jean

My Baby Belle came into season this morning. She's still only 7 months. I'm sure she'll bring my other bitch in soon too. 😞

I am really curious about what Zuri will do this autumn :rolleyes:

Last year and this year too, she was in season in late May/June.
And also in october last year. Poor thing - wasn't happy with beeing into it so soon again after her phantom pregnancy…

This time I don't know.
Thabo is telling YES. But Zuri isn't acting like that and other males are not interested yet.

Would be happy if not. Currently she's in a good mood again 🙂

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