• Hi all. Haven't posted in forever I think. Back in the thumb of Michigan and I was wondering if anyone is nearby to meet up and have our b's play? I've just got Beegin but Brady (the beagle mix) is pretty fast and enjoys running too.

  • First Basenji's

    Ex-Michigander here, but I didn't really live on the thumb and now I live very, very far away. I don't remember seeing ANY B's when I lived in Michigan, except for a faint childhood memory of a neighbor's basenji in the 1980s. Good luck in your search for B's to play with.

  • We are in Metamora this weekend coursing. Trog is always willing to stop and play.

  • We are located in Lansing, MI. Maybe Hondo, Beegin and Brady could meet up to play sometime.

  • I'm in Central MI. Zumi and I would love a B meet and greet!


  • Senjishowgirl and Hondo,

    I'd love to have my guys have some fun with other b's. Are there any dog parks near you all? There are none by me. I'll be moving to Flint here soon for college so I'll check back to see what folks are up to in a few weeks.

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